Why Wax is Bad for Hardwood Floors

Time and time again, I have went to people’s homes to do a sanding job only to find that the owners in an attempt to re-shine their floors used wax or wax related products. Once we explain why they should not use wax, we often get the surprised look on their face as they regretfully wonder what they had done to their floors. The reality is that it isn’t their fault especially when these products are advertised as wood floor cleaners and shine restorers. However, it is important to know what wax actually is and what it actually does to your floors.

Wax on any surface including finished wood creates a shine. Actually that is what most people want – a sparkling clean shine that is beautiful to look at. But to achieve that shine, wax adds another layer on your floor. The layer that is added is shiny and glossy, but the underneath the floor is still dull. Once the floor that has been waxed becomes dull, people add another coat of wax. Over the years of repeating this same process, a floor can have tens to hundreds of layers of wax which at the end of the day is still dull.

After this happens, homeowners want to get their floors redone by sanding and refinishing. Little do they know is that the years of using wax has created a coat of wax that is thicker than the original polyurethane layer. This new coat is very tedious to sand. Most contractors will charge more for sanding these floors.

So you might be wondering what is safe to use on your hardwood floors? What I have found effective are Bona Hardwood Cleaning products.

First, I recommend starting off with the Bona 4 Piece Hardwood Floor Care System which gives you everything you need to start off.

Along with the kit, I recommend getting the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill

These products are recommended by hardwood professionals all over the world and will give your floors a beautiful, non-wax shine that will keep your floors looking fresh.

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