Two Methods in Installing Floating Wood Floors

The flooring has multiple layers that are glued together to have a sturdy appearance. Outdoor floating wood floors can be installed in a traditional way, but has a New Click Lock Design which is a little easier. There are different styles of floating floors that can be used for your home or outdoor space. Choosing the kind of flooring that will match your home design will be entirely up to you. However all the results will definitely differ per each persons creativity, but will surely be envied by everyone.

The great thing about this flooring is their numerous colors and styles of floating floors that will match any home or outdoor space. One of the styles of flooring is called longstrip, this one of the original style of floating floors. The reason why it is referred to as the longstrip is because top hardwood wear is layered and each layer which each engineered board. The board is made with a visual appearance of 2 or 3 narrower rows of hardwood within each board. The 2 strip design visually looks like two boards side by side on one wide board. Moreover, floating hardwood floors are also available in the popular 1 strip style which is simply a single wide plank look.

These floating wood floors can easily be installed. The first method or the traditional way is to install the flooring is by applying a bead of glue to the grooves on the edges of each board. Excess glue must be removed if it squeezes up between the boards. Whichever way you install theses floating floors one this is require an under layment pad as the sub-floor first.

The new method of installing the floating wood flooring is the New Click Lock Design. The New Click Lock Design is better is your not so handy. This newer patented tongue and grooving systems for floating engineered wood flooring is quit easy and not as back breaking. The system works effectively by locking both edges of the flooring together in the Click Lock system. It eliminates the need of applying any glue to the grooves of the boards during the installation.

Be sure to angle the board into the mating end of the boards already installed or lay the board flat onto the floor.
The installation of floating wood flooring may be a little overwhelming, but it surely is a lot easier the traditional wood flooring. With the new click lock design you do not need to pay for a flooring service of a professionals.

Remember when choosing a floating wood floor choose a design that will enhance the beauty of your home and enjoy every moment of it with your loved ones.

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