Satin or Gloss – Which Works Better In Your Home?

“I love the glass look on my floors. It feels like I’m walking on water.”

“You can’t beat the texture of a wood floor. It brings a warm touch to a room.”

Both of these quotes are from clients describing their floors. The first as you may have guessed comes from one who used a gloss finish on their floor. The latter comes from one who has used a satin finish. Both seem happy about their choice of finish. But from an outside perspective, which finish works best in your home?

Some questions to ask yourself before you answer that question are: Is the floor part of high traffic area? What room is the floor in? What kind of feel are you trying to have in the house?

The answers to those questions and others like it will determine whether you go with a satin or gloss finish. Since each home has different feels, furnishings, and uses, it really all comes down to YOU.

Is it Gloss?

Just to give you a little more to think about when making your decision, it will only be appropriate to let you know positives about each finish. Gloss will give you a shiny look. As the home owner quoted above mentioned, it will make your floors look like glass. Most clients have preferred gloss due to its durability and availability. Plus, gloss can be applied for a high-finish or a ‘semi-finish depending on your taste. Gloss is meant to last in high traffic areas. Floors with a gloss finish can last you a lifetime if cared for properly.

Maybe it is Satin?

Satin not to be overlooked is a beautiful finish. You won’t have that glass finish that comes with gloss, but you do get a very sleek, modern matte finish that is now gaining more popularity with increasing home owners favoring a more contemporary look. Re-coating will be necessary for high traffic areas. While not as durable as gloss finish, it can last you a very long time if cared for properly.

The choice once again is up to you. Taking time to consider your home and its needs will allow you to better decide which finish will be best suited for your home. But be assured that in the end, your floors will look great.

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  1. I like these floors. I rellay do.Are these the same floors that Candice Olson used as a wall treatment in a living area? The ones she used were a wood tone. I think so. Still amazing.Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

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