How To Clean A Wood Floor In 9 Simple Ways

Wood floors are usually easy to clean. With regular care and maintenance, your floors can look good for many years without any renovation. Thus, for maintaining beauty and longevity of your floor, cleaning in a right way is essential.
To get a shiny floor, here are some important tips which you should always remember.

Frequent sweeping
It is best to sweep or dust mop the floor with a soft, bristle broom for cleaning your wood floor. You need to do this twice or thrice a week depending on the traffic in the room. Do not leave any corners of the room and the baseboards when you are sweeping.

Vacuum daily
Vacuuming is another option for those who do not find sweeping comfortable. To make a floor clean, make sure to vacuum your floor once or twice a week to remove the dirt.

Use a cleaner
Wood floors should always be wiped with a gentle cleaner. For the best results, use a solution of water and vinegar as it can easily wipe away spots and stains.

Never use water
Water can cause permanent damage to your floor ruining the finish and staining it. Therefore, it is advisable to mop with a damp cloth.

Avoid high heels on floor
High heels can cause dents in your floor. Hence, do not wear high heels on the wood floor as much as possible.

Use area rugs
Walking across on your wood floor area several times a day can eventually wear down your wood floor’s finish. For reducing the wear, install rugs at the entrance or in high traffic areas of your wood floor.

No abrasives
Don’t go for ammonia, alkaline products or abrasive cleaners. It is because these products can make you floor dull and cause scratches and damages as well.

Use teabags
If you want to get shine in your floor quickly, use two teabags and boiling water. Tannic acid in tea helps to create beautiful shine on your floor.

Clean stains promptly
As soon as you see stain or blot spills on your floor, use an absorbent cloth. Also, make sure to avoid allowing liquids going all over your floor. To remove residue and buff dry, you should follow-up with a damp towel.

Using these proper cleaning techniques will allow your floor to look great and last for many years to come. Thus, follow these tips for the best results when cleaning your floor.

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