How Does Hardwood Floors Affect the Value of Your Home?

With home prices fluctuating in an unstable market, potential sellers are looking for anything that can help salvage the money they could potentially lose by selling their home. Now it is becoming increasingly important for sellers to add elements to their home to increase the price of their homes. While there are not many things that will cause the price to get back to one’s intended selling price, there are little things that can help in the process. One of these things is hardwood floors.

Why Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can raise the value of your home in several ways. One way is that it makes a room look bigger. It has proven that the way the light reflects off the floors can make a small room look larger in size. Some say that darker floors are best for this effect; however, any non-white and non-pastel finish will give the affect of a larger floor area.

A second way in that hardwood floors increase the value of your home is that wood floors allow a potential buyer to better visualize what they can do the space. Clean hardwood floors can be likened to a clean sheet of paper. An artist looking on a clean sheet of the paper can visualize their soon to be creation. The same is with hardwood floors. It provides a clean canvas for a buyer’s originality to come out.

The hardwood floors in your home are usually original. Showing that the hardwood floors are in good condition portrays to a buyer that the home is in good condition. Buyers cannot see the pipes, insulation, or the top of the roof. However, seeing floors that are cared for makes an impression to them that the rest of the house is clean as well.

Hardwood floors do not carry the germs as carpet does. Chances are when someone gets a home they will not keep the carpet that is in the house. One reason is that the carpet might be dirty. Maybe the potential buyer is asthmatic and carpet is not good for them. In most cases, the person will replace the carpet because it does not go with the décor that they had in mind. All too often a person viewing the home will ask the seller if there is wood flooring underneath. Instead of going through that, allow the hardwood floors to be proudly displayed.

Hardwood floor can indeed increase the value of your home. Maybe not monetary the way you might have hoped. But it can attract a potential buyer to your house sooner than you may have originally thought.

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