Flooring Tips: Improving your Ceramic Tile Floors

Understanding how to give the proper care to ceramic tile floors is something that is sometimes misunderstood. Actually, it is incredibly easy to care for ceramic tile floors as long as you give them adequate time and attention. In fact, by just doing a few small and simple things you can almost guarantee that your flooring will last longer and maintain its original look and feel up until when it needs to be replaced.

Mopping and general cleaning

Ceramic tile floors do not have any set way for cleaning. The most important thing is that you keep them clean. A good damp mop once or twice a week should be fine. Of course, if your flooring is getting more traffic you should accommodate and mop more often. The same can be said if there is a stain or spill on the tile that needs to be removed. Damp mopping is going to be the easiest option in the cleaning arena when it comes to ceramic tile floors.

Cleaners and Sealants

Depending on the type of ceramic tile floors that you choose, you will be given instructions that explain the type of cleaners and sealants that should be used on them. If the product seems to be specific to that kind of flooring, you should use what it recommends to ensure your floor remains of high quality.

There are several sealants that you can add to your flooring to improve the lifespan. Make sure you follow the directions on the packages or by professionals to ensure a quality job is completed. For example, when applying grout sealant the grout needs to cure for about a month before the sealant goes on. If it is placed on before it will be too soon and can cause problems. Sealers that stop stains, such as penetrating sealants will all have specific instructions about how often you should reseal the flooring and how many coats you should place on the tile.


The use of a few good, well-placed mats can mean all the difference in the world. Having a mat at the entrance of the room and/or near outside doors means that as a person enters that will be the first thing they step on. If any dirt, mud, oils, or debris is trapped on their shoes it will go onto the mat rather than the ceramic tiles. This will ensure that your ceramic tile floors do not end up being prematurely worn out. Unfortunately, people tracking through a room with dirt and other things on their shoes will cause a floor to look run down. However, the inclusion of a mat can add to the room while ensuring that the mat takes the beating and not your floor. You can even have people stop on the mat and take their shoes off, which will definitely ensure the quality of the floor remains.

Protective Pads

The final recommendation for caring for your ceramic tile floors is to use protective pads where there is furniture and other large items. Unfortunately, when you have ceramic tiles you run the chance of them getting scraped up by furniture. However, protective pads only cost a few dollars and they are simple to use. All you do is sit them under the legs of your furniture or kitchen appliances.

The addition of these not only protects your ceramic tile floors, but it also ensures that these things will be able to move a little bit easier due to the pad resting against the tile. This is especially important in areas like the kitchen because metal items can cause rust on ceramic tile floors.

By Carlo Morelli

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